X Ray & Fluoroscopy

happy-people-13Radiography represents a broad range of technological advancements in diagnostic imaging. These advancements are most evident in the radiographic equipment, and in the faster, more accurate service available at our offices.

Radiography is, in essence, an advanced X ray process in which images are produced on a radio-sensitive surface, such as photographic film. Equipment is carefully calibrated and shielded, and testing is highly effective, so the patient exposure to radiation can be held to a minimum.

Fluoroscopy is another derivative of the X ray process. Following the ingestion of a contrast media and the transmission of X rays through the patient, the radiologist is provided an immediate view of the area being examined on a fluoroscopic screen. This procedure results in a live picture of the body organs and the structures, as they function. Fluoroscopic examinations include upper GI series (gastrointestinal tract), small bowel series, and barium enema.