R2 ImageChecker

happy-people-12In keeping with our commitment to high-quality patient care, and to women’s health in particular, Tristán Radiology Specialists is proud to have added the R2 ImageChecker as a computer-aided diagnostic system for use in mammography.

The R2 ImageChecker acts as a “second set of eyes” for the radiologist, helping to draw attention to potential areas of concern on the mammogram.

Traditionally, a mammogram is obtained, and a radiologist analyzes the images, looking for any abnormalities, such as a nodule or calcium deposits, that might suggest a developing breast cancer.

With the R2 ImageChecker, the mammogram is obtained in the same manner, but the images are subsequently analyzed by the R2 program, which highlights any areas that it regards as suspicious.


The radiologist reviews the mammogram films first and then re-checks suspicious areas identified by the R2 ImageChecker® System.

The radiologist scrutinizes the mammographic images in the same manner as before, but in addition, the results of the R2 ImageChecker analysis are displayed for the radiologist to use in decision making.

Clinical studies suggest that up to 20% more cancers may be detected through the use of this system. Since early detection means a greater chance for cure, the technology promises to be a great benefit for all.

It must be remembered, however, that the R2 ImageChecker is an aid; it supplements, but does not replace, the radiologist’s interpretation. Despite the many advancements of technology, there is no substitute for the human eye, brain, and experience. For example, the R2 ImageChecker may flag an area of concern, such as calcium deposits within the wall of a blood vessel, which an experienced radiologist can easily dismiss as perfectly benign.


The ImageChecker® acts like a “Spell Checker” for screening mammography. Microcalcifications are marked by a triangle and masses are marked by an asterisk. This detection software is the equivalent of 1,000+ radiologists checking the image.

It takes experience and expertise to put all the puzzle pieces together. Tristán Radiology Specialists gives you both – plus the latest tools to make us even better.

For more information on ImageChecker from R2 Technology’s home page, click here.