Bone Densitometry (DXA)

Bone Densitometry: A Fast, Simple Examination

happy-people-01Your bone densitometry examination may be the easiest medical test that you’ll ever have. You will simply lie still and the bone densitometer will do the rest. The bone densitometer will measure your bone mineral density (BMD), and compare your measurements to a reference population, based on your age, weight, sex, and ethnic background. This information will help your physician in the diagnosis of osteoporosis – “the silent disease.” If mineral content is low, bones are weaker and more susceptible to fracture. Although it is a very simple test, we know there will always be valid concerns about any medical procedure. For your peace of mind, simply click on “FAQ” to answer these important questions.

This scan shows the left hip.

This scan shows the left hip.

We typically measure bone mineral density in the lumbar spine (low back) and in each femoral neck (hip bone). We offer free screening heel scans to help you and your doctor determine whether a comprehensive scan should be performed. These free heel scans are offered at our various offices on a rotating basis — call for an appointment.