Clinical Applications


The world’s first fully integrated Computed Tomography (CT) System that delivers optimal image quality, faster results, enhanced patient comfort, and more accurate diagnosis of cardiac,
thoracic, and vascular imaging applications.

State-of-the art imaging. Faster results. Quality patient care.

Tristán Radiology Specialists was proud to introduce the 64-Slice Computed Tomography scanner. This state-of-the-art scanner captures an unprecedented level of imaging that assists accurate diagnosis.

Now, medical diagnosis that previously required invasive catheterization procedures can be performed in as little as a few minutes with much less risk to the patient.

A new way to view arteries.

The Latest Technology
In the past, the recognized gold standard for detecting atherosclerotic plaque was the use of coronary angiography and intravascular ultrasound. Today, however, the new 64-slice CT is considered to be one of the fastest, most accurate, and patient-friendly methods for cardiac, thoracic, and vascular diagnosis.

Quality Patient Care
Compared to conventional catheter angiography, the 64-slice CT system uses X rays to visualize blood flow in blood vessels throughout the body – eliminating the need for arterial puncture and recovery time afterward. Although contrast is required and injected intravenously, there is a lower risk of complications. As a result, patients typically leave shortly after the procedure.

Accurate Diagnosis
The 64-Slice CT permits an unprecedented level of 3D imaging that can be viewed from any angle allowing an unprecedented view of the body and its blood vessels in particular.