64-Slice Computed Tomography

happy-people-14Tristán Radiology Specialists is pleased to offer the 64-Slice Computed Tomography scanner. This scanner captures an incredible level of imaging that helps with your diagnosis and treatment. Dramatically improved detail, resolution, speed, safety and comfort mean that medical diagnoses that previously required invasive procedures can now be performed in a matter of minutes with less risk to you.

In health care, early detection is key, yet physical symptoms are not always present. That’s why advances in diagnostic technology are vitally important. They increase the chances of early detection, enable doctors to make accurate diagnosis faster, and shorten your recovery time. With this state-of-the-art technology, Tristán Radiology Specialists continues to offer you an extraordinary level of care with a safer, quicker, and more comfortable diagnostic tool.

You’ll be pleased to know that your prescribed diagnostic scan can replace riskier, more involved tests. Using a safer diagnostic technique, the 64-Slice CT scan dramatically reduces the:

  • risk of infection
  • use of anesthesia
  • need for several invasive procedures
  • negative side effects

In about the time it takes you to read this page, your 64-Slice CT scan will have captured more images of higher quality than ever before possible. Because it is so much faster, you will spend less time in our office, making your diagnosis faster, and allowing you to get on with your life. Following the scan, your physician will receive the results quickly so that important decisions can be made about your care.

More Comfortable
Because the 64-Slice CT scanner is designed with you in mind, its open, spacious design accommodates patients of all sizes comfortably. The scan itself is painless and effortless, requiring only about a 12-second breath hold, and may replace:

  • invasive surgery
  • catheterization, scopes, and tubes
  • claustrophobic scanning

A diagnostic technique designed for comfort and safety
A safer alternative to catheterization or surgery, and faster than traditional MRI or CT scans, the 64-Slice CT scanner captures rapid 3D images of cross-sections of the heart and arteries to help:

  • identify the cause of acute chest pain
  • make the diagnosis earlier
  • screen for an impending heart attack without invasive surgery
  • exclude life threatening coronary artery disease
  • diagnose plaque, the earliest predictor of heart attacks and other heart and circulation problems

Other (non-cardiovascular) health care applications
The 64-Slice CT scanner is also ideally suited for brain, abdominal, and lung scans. It can also aid in the fields of neurology, urology, women’s health, trauma treatment, orthopedics (especially with reduced artifact from surgical hardware) and oncology.