CD Issues?

Cannot view images on our CDs

In December of 2012, we upgraded our PACS. Since then, we have had minimal complications with viewing images on CD. However, if you find that you cannot open the viewer or the images will not appear, it is most likely a quick fix to a setting on your computer that will allow you instant access to the images you need. Here is what we have found:

In the user account controls, you must be an administrator or have administrative rights in order to make changes to your programs.

In Windows 7, go to your start menu and type in the letters “uac.” Set the control to “never notify.”

Please check your computer’s firewall settings as this may block you from gaining access to our image viewer.

In the control panel, check your CD/DVD settings. Make sure they are set to “autoplay” or “autorun.”

If you are having problems with the CDs burned from the iSite application please contact the PinnacleHealth File Room Department at 717-652-5840, dial 1, then 2418.

If you are have issues regarding outside access please contact the PinnacleHealth Help Desk at 717-231-885 to get the appropriate security forms completed to gain access to Soarian Clinicals/PACS/HIE etc.  The Help Desk can also coordinate working with Networking to get secure token or VPN access to Pinnacle systems.