Patient FAQs

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • You can schedule your mammogram online by Clicking Here.
  • You can schedule any imaging procedure by calling 717-230-3700. The call center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM.


What should I bring with me to my appointment?

  • Please bring a copy of your insurance card, a valid ID, and a listing of any medications you are currently taking.


Why am I getting a bill from Tristan Radiology Specialists and PinnacleHealth?

  • We are billing you for the professional portion (the radiologist’s reading of your radiological procedure) and the hospital will bill you for the technical portion (the cost of the equipment, facilities, and the technologists) of your procedure.


How soon can I get the results of my scan?

  • Your mammogram results will be given to you and reviewed at the end of your appointment.
  • For all other procedures we strive for providing your referring physician within 24 hours the results of your procedure. Please contact your referring physician for your results.


Where can I get information about my procedure preps?

  • You can find our procedure preps under each specific service listed under “Services” in the navigation.
  • If you have further questions you can call the procedure department in the office location which you are scheduled for more specific information:
    • Union Deposit Office 717-652-5840
    • Linglestown Office 717-901-6800
    • West Shore Office 717-214-3330
    • Hershey Office 717-533-1736


How can I find out my account balance for the professional charge?

  • Please call our billing office at 717-652-6105.


Can I pay my bill online?

  • Yes. You may pay your bill on line by Clicking Here.
  • You may also pay your bill by phone by calling 717-652-6105.


Do you accept my insurance?

  • We accept most major insurances. The list of insurance carriers and coverages seems to change regularly. If you are wondering about whether Tristan Radiology Specialists participates with your insurance carrier, please contact us by calling 717-652-6105.


What do I need to pay at the time of my appointment?

  • The time of visit charges vary greatly by the type of insurance and procedure you may have. To find out exactly what you may need to pay at the time of your visit, please call your insurance carrier.


Does Tristan Radiology Specialists file my insurance claim for me?

  • Yes. Tristan Radiology Specialists will file your primary and secondary insurance claim to verify your coverage and what portion of your procedure they will cover. Any remaining balance will be billed back to you. This is only for the professional portion of the procedure.


What are my payment options?

  • Please call our billing office at 717-652-6105 for more information that would be applicable to your situation.